Respect for the environment is a fundamental value for Stéarinerie Dubois.

The company's ISO 14001 certification, in 2015, materialized Dubois' efforts to enter the era of "green chemistry": a chemistry respectful of its environment, conscious of itself and its impact on our planet, inscribed in a dynamic of perpetual improvement. Throughout our value chain, from the selection of our raw materials, from the first steps of production to the marketing of products, we pay particular attention to our footprint.

In the context of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, Dubois actively engages, alongside its stakeholders, in the Sustainable Development Goals, new pillars of the implementation of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This implies increased attention to the various lines of reflection proposed, especially around the environment.


... within a protected natural park


The production site of Dubois is located on the banks of the Creuse, Scoury. It is therefore within the territory of the Regional Natural Park of Brenne. This mosaic of ponds, heathlands, meadows and valleys is home to an unparalleled diversity of species, including a large number of migratory birds. This richness and singularity has earned it a Ramsar Convention nomination, spearheading the progress made in the conservation and wise use of all wetlands in the 169 member countries of the convention.

For Dubois, it is therefore crucial to be able to work without altering this exceptional framework. It is with pleasure and commitment that we have adapted our production methods in this way. A biological wastewater treatment plant was opened in 2003 to leave no trace of our products in the water, which is so precious in this exceptional range of ponds, lakes and marshes. Our waste is also treated and valued. In particular, sludge from the wastewater treatment plant is used for spreading on the surrounding farmland.






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Social responsibility


The Stéarinerie Dubois is animated by an ethics resolutely turned towards the human.

Professional Equality Index 2019 : 76/100

Our membership of the United Nations Global Compact program leads us to rethink our impact on the world around us and especially on its people.

The writing of our ethical charter formalizes our values and what we implement to make them live every day.

>> Download our ethics code

We pay particular attention to our palm oil derivatives supply chain

>> Download our Palm oil position

In may 2018, we publish our first CSR Report to share our results with our stakeholders.

>> Download the 2017 CSR Report.

>> Download the 2018 CSR Report.



The history of Stéarinerie Dubois, its professional activities and its values perpetuates a tradition of responsibility that I uphold. I want to pursue our mission by building a company that is responsible and civic-minded, toward its employees, its clients and the communities .

It is essential in our field to maintain total compliance with regulatory obligat ions . It is very important to me that Stéarinerie Dubois be consistent and irreproachable on this point .

Convinced that an active commitment to sustainable development is a necessity, and  keen to help our customers’ progress and anticipate future legal requirements, I am aware that our reputation and appeal are at stake. Therefore, I want to nurture a corporate model in which environmental , societal and economic performance all benefit each other.

This statement and ethics code reflects Stéarinerie Dubois’s will to take responsibility alongside its clients and employees to help build a better future together.

Hervé GONDRAND - Directeur Général






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