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The Stéarinerie Dubois Fils In 1925, René Dubois reorganized the legal structure of the company in order to prepare the transmission of it to his children.The assets of the Dubois company are transferred to a public limited company, the main shareholders of which are René Dubois and his sons Alexandre and André. René Dubois chairs
En 2020, la Stéarinerie Dubois fête son 200ème anniversaire. C’est l’occasion de se pencher sur deux cent ans d’une aventure humaine et économique unique, conduite tout au long des années par les descendants directs du fondateur: ici pas de nostalgie, mais de l’inspiration pour construire le futur Alia Kouki, dans le cadre de son stage
We will learn a lot during these months of uncertainty about new ways of doing business. Some priorities will remain. Climate urgency is one of them. Since 2019, we have been a member of the Supply Chain Member program of the CDP in order to identify risks and opportunities, reduce our energy consumption, and ensure
the “maison Dubois Fils successeur”  From 1890 onwards the company, which is now called “Dubois Fils successeur”, continued to develop dynamically. New patents were registered in 1891 then in 1993 and various brands under which the candles are sold are registered: Bougie Dubois, bougie de la Ruche, bougie L’Idéale, etc. The company makes itself known
In 2020, Stéarinerie Dubois celebrates its 200th anniversary. This is an opportunity to reflect on two hundred years of a unique human and economic adventure, led over the years by the direct descendants of the founder: here not nostalgia, but inspiration to build the future. March 1, 2020 is the first world candle day. On
Episode 2 Dubois – father and sons Théodose Dubois associates his two sons with the running of the business: René (born in 1835) and Ernest (born in 1843). From the 1850s, the Dubois company experienced great dynamism. It combines two activities: it makes stearin then it transforms this stearin into candles. It differs in this