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Pierre-Adolphe Dubois est le plus jeune fils de Théodose Dubois, le fondateur de la Stéarinerie Dubois. Il épouse en 1874 Marie-Alice Millot, la fille unique de Félix Millot, parfumeur parisien. Felix Millot était décédé en 1873 et sa veuve Louise Millot avait repris courageusement la direction de l’entreprise. Louise Millot confie en 1899 la direction
Théodose Dubois was born on the twenty-first Nivôse of the year X (that is to say on January 11, 1802) in Chantenay-Villedieu, a small town in Sarthe. In these last years of the French revolution, France was then ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte, the first Consul who would soon become Emperor under the name of Napoleon
La publicité, le marketing et la communication ne sont pas des inventions récentes. La Stéarinerie Dubois a utilisé ces moyens tout au long de son histoire. Remontons le temps ! In 1823, Victor BERTRAND, wax keeper at 55 rue des Lombards, whose company will merge in 1830 with that of Théodose DUBOIS, promotes his shop and
The post-war years were complicated for STÉARINERIE DUBOIS. Beyond the difficulties inherent in this period of economic reconstruction, the company is faced with fundamental problems: electrification marginalizes the candle as a means of lighting, the war has accelerated the transformation of French society and of his religious practices, so we sell less and less candles.
Stéarinerie Dubois joins large purchasing organizations from across the globe now calling on suppliers for more environmental transparency Stéarinerie Dubois among 26 new companies joining CDP with supply chain membership, bringing the total to 150+ wielding a combined purchasing spend of more than US$4 trillion CDP records a 20% increase in largescale purchasers asking their
The Stéarinerie Dubois Fils In 1925, René Dubois reorganized the legal structure of the company in order to prepare the transmission of it to his children.The assets of the Dubois company are transferred to a public limited company, the main shareholders of which are René Dubois and his sons Alexandre and André. René Dubois chairs